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The Gargod® Bowfishing Reel Seat is revolutionizing the world of spincast reel users everywhere.  Constructed of lightweight, high quality aluminum with stainless steel hardware.  The Gargod® reel seat allows for a hassle free reel exchange in less than 5 seconds.  Attaches to your bows 5/16" stabilizer bushing and will not damage the foot of the reel due to over tightening of the seat.

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Gargod is excited to announce a partnership with Savur Outdoors!  Our new and improved puller / locker combos come with 5/16" -24 holes for either right or left handed mounted applications to install a Savur Outdoors Bowfishing Float directly to your puller / locker to help protect your investment. 

*plus S & H.


Oneida Kestrel,

American Eagle, and Storm-X

model bows that feature an extended mount

location on the riser

The Gargod® arrow rest is a machined aluminum arrow rest designed specifically for the Oneida Osprey bow.  The rest assures for a perfect center shot and features an exclusive high lipped side which keeps the arrow fully contained during the draw cycle.  This lip ensures that the arrow will not bounce out or up during a quick shot.  The gap in the top allows for top loading of the arrow.  With its double cut trough, there is ample clearance for your line and/or safety stops as well.  The low trough design places the arrow just above your hand, allowing for a natural feeling shot.  The rest include stainless steel mounting hardware and is available in RH or LH configurations.  Made Proudly in the USA.

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The Gargod® Bottle Opener!

Savur Outdoors Bowfishing Floats are a great insurance policy for your expensive equipment.  Click the link below to give them a visit and check out their entire product line.

If you are using one of the following models with the GARGOD® reel seat, we recommend purchasing the $5.99 extended bushing for clearance on your riser:

PSE - Discovery II, Barracuda

Browning - Barracuda, Micro Midas, Micro Adrenaline

When you're out with your best friends relaxing and enjoying life, sometimes you just want a cold drink that requires a little help.  Represent the best in the business in style with our special Gargod® Bottle Opener and make your friends jealous.  And it also keeps your keys together - if you're into that sort of thing.



The Gargod® line puller is machined from strong 6061 aluminum and features the RPM arrow locker quiver.  The line puller incorporates a 3/8" standoff which allows the arrow (once in the locker) to clear the bow's arrow rest mounting bracket.  The Gargod® line puller/locker combo will attach to any RH or LH bow's sight mounting holes.  Stainless hardware is included. As with all our products, Proudly Made in the USA.

MegaMouth Adapter


Right Handed Oneida Osprey Rest*

$ 9.95*

Now you can enjoy the MegaMouth Bowfishing with the Gargod® Reel Seat.  Works with either the Original Reel Seat or AE/G-Rex version.  Like all of our products, made out of 6061 aluminum - light and strong. No Tools, Quick Changes, and plenty of options for your fishing fun.  Made Proudly in the USA.

*fits standard 5/16" bowfishing arrows or smaller



Left Handed Oneida

Osprey Rest*